What is Compassion Inc.?

For years I have wandered from one community to another looking for a place where I felt I belonged. Where I felt like my time and energy would be served most usefully. I was looking for a community where I could grow and help others grow too. After years of searching I was at the point of giving up. In my desperate search for answers my friend told me about Compassion Inc. John teaches proven tools to help you go within to heal, learn and grow. How wonderful would our worlds be if we were able to be our true authentic self? This is what is taught and lived within the walls of Compassion Inc. There is no hidden agenda only the NEED and desire to help people change their world within so that they may change the world without. If you are lost and aren’t sure which way to turn, the answer is always inwards. Come let John and the others at Compassion Inc. teach you how.

John is an amazing teacher who selflessly serves others. I will keep coming back for more. I don’t know that I can stop at this point. Thanks John and everybody else at Compassion Inc. for being true to yourselves so that others can learn to be true to themselves!

Desiree Johnson

Just want to say that the last workshop was so healing for me. Your workshops have done more for me in a weekend than months of counseling. I’m so grateful you do this work.

Thanks for all you do!

Steph G.

My experiences at Compassion Inc. have given me the insight to continue to heal my inner child. I became aware that my issues will require my loving attention regardless of where I’m at on the journey of self-love and discovery. John is a committed and compassionate workshop facilitator. This is a safe and nurturing experience


My name is Karl, and I am a lawyer. I practiced family law for over ten years, mostly dealing with divorces and with CPS taking children away from families. (Sad… I know.)

When I first went to Compassion Inc., in 2014, I went looking for a better way to live and for a way to help my clients. In doing family law, I worked with people who were going through the hardest and saddest part of their lives. I wanted new tools to help those people. At Compassion, Inc., I found those tools, but that is not where the story ends.

Fast forward three years (to 2017). Since that first workshop at Compassion, Inc., I had been giving myself over to teaching my clients a better way to look at their family issues; a compassionate way. Some of them bought in, but the vast majority ignored my advice and simply used me, as their lawyer, to cause more strife in their life and the lives of those they loved. This strife eventually broke me.

In the fall of 2017, I broke. I was physically, mentally, and spiritually drained. The years of trying to show people a better way, and being mostly rejected, had taken its toll on me. I ended up hospitalized: My life was in serious jeopardy. That is when I turned back to Compassion, Inc.

After being discharged from the hospital, I started going back to workshops and began to learn about the parts of me that facilitated my downfall. Of equal importance, I learned how to start climbing out. But this learning was not all I received; The Compassion, Inc. community also took me in wholeheartedly. They accepted me unconditionally and helped to remind me what a vibrant and loving person I was. They helped me to heal.

Today, I am out of that abyss. I am, (metaphorically and sometimes literally), standing in the sun just waiting for the next great opportunity to come my way. I am no longer broken. For the first time in a long time, I can say that I am excited to see what life has in store for me, and much of that excitement for life is because of Compassion Inc.


John’s energy is very nurturing and the safe environment he creates at Compassion Inc. allowed me to explore the most vulnerable parts of myself. Through his workshops I have been able to heal some very old wounds, develop an authentic and fulfilling relationship with myself and those around me, and discover tools to navigate through life with a sense of peace. I am truly grateful to Compassion Inc. and John’s generosity in supporting my journey into inner peace, abundance and love.

Sharon Gordon

I serendipitously stumbled onto Compassion Inc. by a Meetup push notification without recommendation from a friend or acquaintance. With my focus on improving self- talk and self- love, I simply showed without expecting much. I figured I had everything to gain and little to lose. Man oh man. This place is LOVE. I am weeping a little right now because it is a little overwhelming just thinking about it. In short, I am back on a positive journey to wellness both in body and spirit. Show up, tie your shoes tight and prepared yourself for brilliance.

Larry K.

Hi my friend,

I found the workshops to be amazing! In fact the proper word(s) is truly hard to come by, if even possible. Words like transformational, life-changing, and 'amazing' seem tired and overused. The entire series and the work of processing through, by design (simply brilliant John), is so much more than I could have hoped for. The work and experience has changed the course of my life.

The change that occurs is akin to learning to ride a bicycle for the very first time. There is an elation of accomplishment that is exhilarating. The great joy of learning to ride is getting on a bike after years of not riding and 'knowing' that you can still ride it.

There are few things in life that cause a shift on a magnitude that you are certain you can never unlearn it. Riding a bicycle is one of them but so too are these workshops.

Thank you John

Rick P.

I was attending various Meetup groups that specialized in meditation and the law of attraction when I discovered Compassion Inc earlier this year. I was familiar with the concepts, lifestyle, and breakthroughs that others had experienced when studying these subjects, but I was having trouble finding a good fit with the groups I was participating in. One Meetup group led to another, and eventually I checked out a Tuesday night session. I was thrilled by the leadership staff, the love I was shown immediately, and the structure of meetings and workshops. I attended the next available introductory workshop, and the experience FAR outweighed my expectations. I learned so much about how we really experience life, how the mind perceives the world, and how to avoid the mental pitfalls that cause feelings of depression and inadequacy. The workshop also gave me insight to the staff and mission of Compassion Inc. They are a nonprofit organization that is motivated by love, hard earned wisdom, and the drive to improve the world one person at a time. I also learned you can read as many books as you want to, but when you apply these practices and exercises with others in a group, it becomes very tangible and understandable. They are a unique group of people honestly trying to create positive change, and only function with the kind donations of the attendees. The workshops they offer are life changing, and unlocked a desire within me to learn more about myself and where happiness really is in the world. I am so grateful we have this kind of resource, and I really look forward to furthering my own personal development and maturity. It’s long overdue.

Jesse Bishop

John, thank you for all you do and continue to do, you are much appreciated!

My experience with Compassion Inc. has been so much more than I thought possible. I learned about the workshops from a good friend who is also on a journey of healing. I saw and heard the changes that had occurred in her life. I have been on this journey of seeking truth and healing for many years. I found a sense of peace and serenity as a result of doing the workshops. I have gained new insight about why I am here and how I can live my life to the absolute fullest. Learning how to heal and love the child within has taught me how I can love others with compassion and understanding by first loving myself. I realized that I have been living most of my life in a victim mentality, giving my power to other people and situations to dictate my life. This workshop has shown me how to break the chains of living as a victim and take full responsibility for my actions, decisions and ultimately the way I choose to live my life.

When I walk through the doors of Compassion Inc. I immediately feel the love and authenticity of all those who are there. I am able to appreciate the work the others have done on themselves to find their truth and share it, so that others may find their truth and meaning. I will continue to apply what I have learned into my life and attend more workshops in the future. This is a safe place to really open up, be yourself and let others in.

I have found such a new freedom in my life by learning how to just be myself with a knowing that I am enough. Also realizing I am not alone, there are others on this journey of self- discovery and living in their truth, continuously seeking. This work is created and offered for the sole purpose of sharing the gift of what has been found to help others. For me inspiration and clarity is the gift of what I have found here and I will continue seeking.

You will find only Love here!

Stacie C.

I have been doing personal development for years, but it wasn't until I came to Compassion, Inc. that my life really began to change. John creates a safe space that has allowed me to heal the deep-seated wounds that have been keeping me stuck for years and to discover who I really am.

Omar Young